Design Services

Great design begins by listening to my clients. I listen to not only what you tell me you want, but perhaps more importantly, I listen to those silent pauses that give me the insight into your true design aesthetic. I believe in involving my clients in the design process from the start. By narrowing down choices so you don’t feel overwhelmed, I aim to take away the fear of making mistakes and teach my clients how to make great design choices. When the dust settles you’re left with a space beyond what you could have initially imagined.

Design for a Day | $475

This is a great option for a DIY-er that needs a master game plan or for someone at the beginning of a project who isn’t sure of options or where to start. We spend four hours going over your initial project thoughts and wants. We discuss next steps, do some online shopping to get design and cost estimates and I’ll even have lunch brought in.

90-Minute Initial Room Consultation | $200

While we certainly can discuss the big picture of your home, I recommend picking one room and focusing on it. In the Initial Room Consultation, we’ll discuss how you want to use the room, what currently works and what doesn’t. From there, I will give you inspired ideas regarding room layout, flooring/rugs, paint, lighting, artwork and accessories for you to hit the ground running. This is a great option if you are a diy-er and just need an outside opinion.

Paint Consultation | $100

Overwhelmed by the 2000 color samples at the paint store? Not sure about brands or sheen? I can meet with you to discuss goals for your space — how you want it to feel and how you’ll be using it. We can draw inspiration from a rug, furniture or artwork to determine color options that will make the most of your space.

Hourly Work | $60/hour

Following our Initial Room Consultation, I will determine and prioritize your needs and discuss the timeline and budget. Together, we create a master plan and work toward that end. From sourcing furniture to personal shopping and finding contractors, I help you through every step of the design journey. 

Client Feedback

“Tracy has such a gift and an amazing eye for design. She’s a true joy to work with too—easy to connect with, super creative, and so much fun! I consider myself design savvy but sometimes I need to be validated and need help. My life is full, oftentimes very full. This leads me to buy a beautiful rug or drapes or a pillow (lots of pillows) without a plan. Then I get discouraged and tend to waste a lot of money. Over the past few years, I’ve called Tracy to the rescue! One thing I love about Tracy is how she meets me where I am – good, bad & sometimes ugly- in my vision and action, without any judgment. She steps in, puts me at ease, asks great questions, includes me in the process, and helps me create a plan and make it happen. She helps me create a space that makes me happy – one that brings me great joy. This is her gift! As a result, my spaces are really me because it’s my vision but made even better because of Tracy!”